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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Ploxoon Mandate : Online,Fantasy, 2D, Party-Based RPG

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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
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Posted: 11th Apr 2018 22:53
Ploxoon Mandate
- online, RPG, fantasy, party-based, 2D, sandbox

Inspired by single user, party RPGs like old Ultima, Wizads Crown, etc. Looked one day for one but could not find an online one, sooo, made one.


Some Current Features:
- party based, so not just 1 player but from 1 to 8 players in a party
- race and class based skill system
- world map travel, scale is basically 1 to 10 miles per square
- town building (partial right now)
- basic combat encounters
- parties can join together to fight monsters (no PVP yet)
- harvesting and building
- client is AppGameKit and server is C#.

Some Planned Features:
- thorough city building
- quests, mazes, dungeons, etc
- crafting
- plot/story
- plenty more

Windows version

Android Version
AGK Developer
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Joined: 30th Nov 2016
Location: USA
Posted: 13th Apr 2018 15:19
Looks awesome. Seems quite in depth compared to most Indie games.
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