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3 Dimensional Chat / Custom Colors

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Joined: 16th Apr 2018
Posted: 16th Apr 2018 10:43 Edited at: 10th Jan 2019 14:39
Custom Colors

Hi. Here is my MWe:

documentclass [12pt, Dvipsnames] {Amsart}
usepackage{latexsym, AMSSYMB}
usepackage{xcolor, COLORTBL}

{color{orange} $ varphi (x) $}, {color{RedOrange} $ varphi (x) $}, {color{red} $ varphi (x) $}.

Now, I'd like to darken the second orange, but I can't

To create my own custom color. So, I searched for a page that would report the various colors according to RGB, HTML, etc. Unfortunately, do not work. The orange becomes even white. It may be that there is a mistake on the site.

How can I do it?
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Posted: 16th Apr 2018 14:42 Edited at: 16th Apr 2018 14:43
Can you share the code you used to create your custom colors? According to this you can use \definecolor{name}{HTML}{xxxxxx}

This produces:

(also no idea why you posted this to 3 Dimensional Chat, this belongs under Geek Culture or something)
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