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FPSC Classic Scripts / Some questions...

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Joined: 16th Aug 2017
Posted: 27th Apr 2018 15:24
1.The entities that use Pace10.fpi(machine gun)......Can they shoot at the player?They just looking at the player and walking around.
2.Is it possible to make an area that the player can't get into but the enemies can come out?
3.How to make the entities attack with their hands?
Mr Love
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Joined: 9th Jun 2005
Playing: MAFIA 2
Posted: 28th Apr 2018 11:07
Hi syh!

I will try to answer Your questions..
1. I think pace/pace10 are like the follow script. Try to put in an shoot script also..
2. Use the player move commando to a close entity just outside. So You respawn at another location, but hardly notice! Perhaps You courld use the plrfreeze commando as well...
3. Search for a melee script. Animate Your Bot in milkshape or fragmotion, the two easyest programs to animate in.. And if You cant, learn from Youtube!
Good Luck...

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