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Program Announcements / Hexagon Defense

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Joined: 28th Feb 2013
Posted: 28th Apr 2018 21:34

Name: "Hexagon Defense"
Genre: Tower Defense
API: DarkBASIC Professional (7.6)


Quote: "Welcome to the career officer, and was promoted to Admiral! This is an unusual, dynamic Tower Defense, a lot of levels. The towers have a different shooting mode, and the enemies of a different color. You will have time to repair the tower and improve them. Beware the mini-bosses! Earn medals. Good luck!"

3 mission, 60 levels of fast.
3 switchable modes of shooting towers!
Military career and system of rewards.
Mini-bosses eaters space!

Towers shooting mode:
"Close" - to aim at the nearest enemy.
"Hard" - to aim at the strongest (highest number HP)
"Weak" - to aim at the weakest enemy

The dead know everything...

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