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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / VR Specific tutorials?

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Joined: 29th Apr 2018
Posted: 29th Apr 2018 12:42
Hi all,

I just got the AppGameKit VR bundle, and was wondering if anyone knew of a tutorial list aimed specifically at VR?

I have seen the beginners tutorial pinned post and watched most, and have also searched, but have not seen anything that appears to be VR specific that i can follow along with.

I appreciate that i will need to learn the general game making processes, But would like to follow a flow specifically for VR so i can put it into context.

From what i have seen in the beginners tutorials, i shouldn;t have any issues with AGK. But i would like to see a work flow that ends up with a simple VR ready game, so i can decide whether i want to invest my time into it.

Can anyone link me to some good beginner tutorials that are aimed specifically at VR?

Many thanks in advance.
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Posted: 29th Apr 2018 15:05
There are some small examples in the dlc folder and a guide for the commands but I don't think there's any specific "follow along" guide.

Perhaps just take one of the examples and mess around with it til you get the sort of game you're going to be aiming for.

P.s. most of the commands in the vr dlc follow the same naming convention for the standard agk code so it won't be that different to convert a tutorial over.
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Posted: 7th May 2018 22:47
That would be my advice too: open the VR demos and play around with them. Once you "get" most of the code, you should have some idea of what AGKVR can do.

If you bought on steam:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\App Game Kit 2\DLC\AppGameKitVR\Demos\

There's also a few VR related threads in the forum, if you do a search.

The VR plugin is rock solid! However, the 3D in AppGameKit has dated visuals and weird collision detection. But despite those reservations, I still think AppGameKit is a great tool for game development and I have no plans of using anything else!

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