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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Congratulations to AppGameKit Guide

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Joined: 11th Jan 2018
Posted: 2nd May 2018 18:58 Edited at: 2nd May 2018 19:31
First sorry my english.

I am finishing the AppGameKit Guide. Is the best tutorial that i have readed about programming.

Gives you a programming base by an easy explanations. Its example codes are very intelligents. It is very worked. And its help me step to step to understand all necessary to programming in some programming code.

I enyoy day to day coding the examples. Every day i learn from it. It comes so easy...

Also helps me to learn understand mathematical problems like sine and cosine. His author (Alistair Stewart) knows the problems that can be do in an initial programmer and has done a great tutorial. Too cheap for the help that it offers. True, congratulations and thanks.

The tutorial have to be readed and learned step by step and coding all steps. Its neccesary "for to have" (my english) an amplitude perpective of the pourposit and progressing at programminig.

Programming AppGameKit is so funny, like in Darkbasic. Like in ZX Spectrum. Avoiding to me have to learn too difficult things for create some things for now like c++ and its hater pointers. I don't need, at my age, it.
Are my limitations. And i greet that facility. And envy that power to programming a languaje that facilities this things. It must be very interesting.


AppGameKit forum in Spanish, yet!
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Posted: 5th May 2018 11:18
Hi! I'm reading both guides from the start and they are great; the exercises, tricks and hits have no price when have not much time like me. It's a great support imho.

I usually have them opened in PDF as reference , searching every command to get more info and trying to apply the best practices.

By other side the web site has a quite good reference, and googling about AppGameKit commands, AppGameKit is growing so fast and they are updating normally asap.

Plus the Community Forum, I have no words to say thanks to them.

So smiley , good times are coming back

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