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Android / Screen recording on Android

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Posted: 5th May 2018 00:45 Edited at: 5th May 2018 02:37
My ultimate goal is to figure out how to record from an Android camera & save the video, so I can then use that video file later in my app.

I'm trying to use StartScreenRecording to screen capture on Android. I figured out how to save the video to a custom Android directory. I've also had success showing the camera on-screen using SetDeviceCameraToImage. I figured that if I combine the two, I should be able to capture video from the camera.

Except its not working for me. Whenever I run the following, the app abruptly shuts down right after the first Sync() following StarScreenRecording().

To be clear: if I disable EITHER the SetDeviceCameraToImage() OR the StartScreenRecording() functionality, the other one works as expected. I'm only having a problem trying to do both together.

Are these two abilities that just weren't designed to work together? If so, is there another way of capturing the camera to a video file?

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