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The 20 Line Challenge / [DBP] Fast string concatenation (requires Matrix1Utils)

Bored of the Rings
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Posted: 9th May 2018 07:24 Edited at: 2nd Dec 2018 05:13
Here is a cut-down version of my fast string concatenation functions which I used in developing my DBO to X exporter program. You can edit the strings, add as many as you like as long as you call ParseString(s$) after each string initialisation. You can of course just have 1 string and set the iter variable to whatever you want to repeat the same string over and over. Managed to get this all in 14 lines.
Oh almost forgot to mention that the code produces a debugfile.text file for you to view the time it took and the concatenated string. On my PC/laptop, normal string concatenation using for .... s$=s$+"text...." next etc, can take up to 44 secs based on the same number of iterations.

The expanded version can now be viewed again on the code snippets board.

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