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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / OpenToWrite and filepaths

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Joined: 28th Mar 2009
Posted: 16th May 2018 16:32
I have two problems with this command. I'm using a Mac.

First, where on earth is the write folder where it creates files by default? Other threads here say that, on Windows, it's in the Documents folder, but it isn't on the Mac. So where is the wretched thing?

Second, how can I force AppGameKit to create files in a different folder? I have tried using the "raw:" prefix and it doesn't seem to work. What's the correct format for this on a Mac?

(I want to create files using one app and then read those files using another app - like a level designer and the game itself would. So I need either to be able to drag them over to the game's folder or specify that as the write folder in the first place.)

Thanks for any help anyone can give...
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Joined: 8th Dec 2005
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Posted: 16th May 2018 18:42
you can use
Quote: "Print(GetWritePath())"

to show the write path on screen
on windows it is a hidden folder in something like this
Quote: "C:\Users\Gary\AppData\Local\AGKApps"

i would assume it's something similar on mac but printing out the path will confirm (again, it may be hidden by default).
to use the "raw" prefix you do it like
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Joined: 28th Mar 2009
Posted: 16th May 2018 19:25
Thank you!

Turns out it is in fact /Users/Yourname/Library/Application Support/AGK Player/.

I still can't get the raw prefix to work - it's just been creating new folder structures within the default folder... But I can just move the files over as needed now I know where they are.

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