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2D All the way! / Jump system using physics impulse.

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Joined: 11th Jun 2018
Posted: 11th Jun 2018 16:10 Edited at: 11th Jun 2018 16:16
I was trying to use a physics force to build a jump system, so i find in agk commands list an example of it, and i trying to apply this into a different resolution but i can't make the jump work, can you guys help me? Thanks for your attention.

AGK Developer
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2015
Posted: 21st Aug 2018 13:00 Edited at: 21st Aug 2018 13:37
To move left and right I use: SetSpritePhysicsImpulse()
For jumping I use: SetSpritePhysicsVelocity()

keys left, right, up


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