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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] Single sprite, multiple DrawSprite commands

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Joined: 19th Jun 2017
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Posted: 12th Jun 2018 14:47
I'm out of practice and fear I'm missing something.

In this thread - - it says that if you want to draw the same sprite multiple times on the screen, you can just move it and call the DrawSprite command again. This seems to work fine for me unless I have another sprite in the way, such as a background image. In that case, only the last DrawSprite command seems to show. It doesn't seem to matter what I set the depth of each one at - same result.

For sample code, all I did was take the sample code from the old thread and add:
bg = CreateSprite(LoadImage("./background.png"))

right before the "spr = CreateSprite(0)" line.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this expected behavior?

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Posted: 12th Jun 2018 18:43
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Expected behavior

None of your "draw sprites" will be seen if you have a background sprite as it will get drawn on top of them. The only sprite your seeing is one you used to draw the drawsprites and you left it there and left it visible so it gets rendered along with the background one.

Consider using clonesprite to draw multiple copies of the same sprite. Then you can just use sync() to display them all

Alternatively, instead of using sync()


...then do your DrawSprites here


That way you sprites will appear over the background if you have a depth correctly set for them
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Posted: 13th Jun 2018 13:40
You can check an example in this thread.

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