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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / 360°-image-view for smartphone?

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Joined: 30th Aug 2017
Posted: 16th Jun 2018 14:01
Untill now I only worked with AppGameKit in 2D. Now I want to show a picture that is made in 360° and the user has to search something. Does anybody has some idea how to do that? I already looked for it in the DLC tutorial but can´t find anything. It should look and work like this:
Here you can see the image for the view:
The picture is one picture made for 360. So the normal way you will see distortions. You need a "spheric look on it" with a field of view.
Anybody know how to do things like this? I have no clue.
Thank you very much for every hint you have.
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Posted: 17th Jun 2018 11:21
If it is a 360 photo, then this is "Equirectangular projection". There are shaders out there that can do this, I'm not sure of their compatibility with AGK.
The second challenge would then be identifying a users click on the projection. You could probably map hotspots in your configuration.

The "normal" way to do this is to use a cubemap. This is where you map the photograph onto the inside of a cube, and is used for the background scenery of 3D games.
I don't know how well this would work with a game where you are interacting with the cubemap.
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