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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Differences between Game Creators Products

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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 29th Jun 2018 07:45
Hi Guys

Can someone give me in Short the differences between Game Creators various products.
I own DB PRO and APP Game Kit (With all extras) , so know what I can do.

I mainly develop Education Learning Games for Schools and Kindergarten and kids with learning disabilities.

Can GameGuru and RPG world also work for this? To use more "3d Like" game style for PC, android, HTML5 (Web)
*** Can I compile Gameguru on PC and only use on PC, or do I need Steam...
I don't want my clients to install all sort of stuff... But I have no idea about these products

Or a Link for comparision...

Thanks a Mil
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Joined: 21st Nov 2010
Posted: 14th Jul 2018 18:39 Edited at: 14th Jul 2018 18:57
You could try typing in "{product} review" into Youtube search to get video reviews of everything, where {product} is each TGC product.

I have a passing familiarity with DB, DBPro, that short-lived C++ library which was eventually merged with AppGameKit as AppGameKit Tier 2, AGK1, and FPS Creator. I'm currently going in-depth with AGK2 Tier 1, and I think I can sum it up as "the greatest BASIC ever". As for GameGuru and other TGC products, my current main computer doesn't have a graphics card (long story), so I haven't tried the other recent TGC products except to see that "Yep, that's an atrocious framerate. Time to uninstall.". I own GameGuru, I just can't really run it on my current hardware, so I have no opinion either way.

AGK Tier 1 is a fully-featured programming language and not just a scripting language. By definition, that makes it more educational than GML (used in Game Maker Studio), and gives you a lot more control over the overall structure of the program, but also not quite as straightforward as GML. I would definitely recommend GM:S2 over AGK2 for game jams and absolute beginners, but AGK2 seems much better as a professional tool. AGK2 doesn't obscure what's going on "under the hood" nearly as much as GM:S2 does, and that's either a huge benefit or a huge drawback depending on your needs.
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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 19th Jul 2018 04:17
Hi MadTinkerer

Thanks for your time...
I bought GameGuru and all DLC's aswell as GGloader, and RPG World.

RPG World, will not work for my type of APP's
GameGuru & GGLoader Together with AppGameKIT, this is a pretty good combo to have.
GGloader make it a breeze to export/import your GameGuru levels into AppGamekit, Which save you lots of time


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