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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Placing a AGK logo in the start of my game

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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
Posted: 12th Jul 2018 14:38
I was looking for a AppGameKit logo to place at the start of my game.

There’s a circular AppGameKit logo for download here:

While I like it, I feel that it gives the impression that AppGameKit is some sort of cheap edutainment toy. I would personally like it better if I could use that logo with white text on a dark-red gradient background:
However, I don’t have that in a good resolution.

What do you think would look best?
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Joined: 15th Sep 2011
Location: Inverness
Posted: 12th Jul 2018 15:13
Rik will ask you to Use their official logo.

And in fairness, thats like telling nVidia or Unreal your not using their logo as you don't like the colours. Logos have a specific purpose, and that's brand recognition.....which generally only works if it maintains a brand.

The AppGameKit logo isn't personally my taste.....but neither is the unity one.

Interesting question though.....confident were not legally required to use TGC logo.....but it's helps raise brand recognition and that's not a bad thing.
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Joined: 30th Nov 2016
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Posted: 12th Jul 2018 15:43 Edited at: 12th Jul 2018 15:53
If you download the 2D shmup template project from here it seems like in the media folder (probably an images or logos sub folder) I included a few different sizes of the AppGameKit circular logo just save folks some time from scaling and sharpening.

I like the AppGameKit logo personally. Nice visibility good readability.

Anyway... I am not sure if the background color / gradient would matter. I would donit. Just use whatever background I wanted just wouldn't change the logo itself.

Personally what you did seems fine to me but I guess ask them. I wouldn't think your updates would break brand recognition. Honestly hardly even noticed what you did if anything myself.
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