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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] How to split a string by linebreak?

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Posted: 16th Jul 2018 14:44 Edited at: 16th Jul 2018 14:57
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Lets say I create a string with line breaks

Now say I now want to split that string by line break and save the 3 parts as String[]

Lets ignore the method of splitting the string what I am struggling with the a way to detect where the line breaks are, the linebreak character\sequence, I've tried looking for \n, \r, \n\r, ~n, ~r, Char(10) and so on.

Any one have some advice.

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Posted: 16th Jul 2018 15:06 Edited at: 16th Jul 2018 15:40
Firstly, you could load up each string separately using ReadLine() as you load the file so that the whole file isnt put into one single string. Instead its put into separate strings as its loaded

If you already have it as one string (fullfile$) then you can use GetStringToken() or GetStringToken2()

delimiters$ = chr(10) + chr(13) // these delimiters are line feed and carriage return
text$[0] = GetStringToken(fullfile$,delimiters$,1)
text$[1] = GetStringToken(fullfile$,delimiters$,2)
text$[2] = GetStringToken(fullfile$,delimiters$,3)

This works fine on a windows txt file

CountStringTokens(0 would tell you how many lines you could split it up into

EDIT: changed your original post halfway through me answering!!

With your newly edited version of the original post....just a delimiter of chr(10) would work fine.
Ie.... delimiters$ = chr(10)

So if you just want the position of your chr(10) then you can use
integer FindString( Fullfile$, delimiter$, ignoreCase, start )

then when you have found the first position of a chr(10) you put that +1 into the start value for the second search to find the next chr(10)..... and so on
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Posted: 18th Jul 2018 11:12
Thanks Bengismo

I am sure I tried Chr(10), then I think of it I use my own function to split a string and not specifiy the built in GetStringToken() so that might be where I am going wrong. I'll give that a try tonight.

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