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Geek Culture / Who's still here?

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Joined: 21st Aug 2008
Location: Where beer does flow and men chunder
Posted: 27th May 2020 22:58
Hi all!!
Just thought of the community and thought I would check in.

My life has been a roller coaster this last decade, as i am sure most of us can attest to...
If things go well for me(got stuff in the pipeline) I may send through an update post... otherwise, I wish you all fruitful projects and prideful walk throughs.
I am doing well and am living happily and healthily.

To Err is Human...
To Arr is Pirate!
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Joined: 17th Jan 2015
Location: I bounce between US and Spain.
Posted: 28th May 2020 21:14 Edited at: 28th May 2020 21:24
I'm a quite old user both in age AND years on the forum. I've had 3 accounts, NOT because of bans or mischief or anything like that. I lost my credentials for both due to catastrophic-ish system failures, etc. This was before cloud backup and password managers were a thing. I take full responsibility though. I'm an old- reverse and genralist hacker type. I break my OS installs on purpose to learn, lol and I have absolutely no fear of data loss or malware. Defending against a virus or attacker is HEAVEN for me....

So long story shorter:
I joined the forum the same month DBpro was released. Used the trial version until it ran out, then I bought it and it became my favorite development language for many years. Lost the account. Bought it again (I know I could have recovered it but I like supporting TGC)
Bought AppGameKit 3x, DBP 2x, and a couple of packs. I've developed C++ plugins for both languages, utilities, tutorials, codebase snippets, videos, etc, etc. Most have been lost in the ether but some are still around. I don't post much (never did.) Except to answer tech questions occasionally.

I joined in 2002. Loyal customer and user for 18 years. I'm 39 years old.

*EDIT: If anyone is interested, my oldest usernames were probably (SurgeMe or fadestogrey.) I'm sure most of them don't remember me, but I've think I've probably had tech discussions with most if not all of the oldest users. I'm a big fan of Phaelax, VanB, Rick, etc. Bet none of ya'll remember me, but you would if I jogged your RAM. Hehe. Heck, Lee even knows me, but doubt he remembers either. At one point I was scheduled to interview for a programmer position. It fell through, but I thought it was interesting and had forgotton all about that.

,courtesy of the magnet --=|._.|=--

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