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FPSC Classic Showcase / Galactic 123: Bounty Hunter

Galactic 123
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Joined: 19th Aug 2018
Posted: 19th Aug 2018 19:46
Hello everyone. I present you with Galactic 123: Bounty Hunter. Basically it is a scifi game where you are a bounty hunter, hired to recover some artifact from a pirate group in Onyx Station. It features seven levels.

Game was created using the original FPS Creator (V 1.20.018) Save the game often while playing. Ocasionally there are some random crashes and such (tried my best to optimize level design but I guess this engine is quite dated). System requirements are probably the same as on most other FPS Creator games.

Enjoy the game (or be deeply annoyed by it ), 100% free. You can get it for free here:


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FPSC Developer
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2009
Location: pittsburgh, pa.
Posted: 21st Aug 2018 22:20
Trying out your game. walking around the first level. Found a key but can't open the locked door. How do i use the key?
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Galactic 123
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Joined: 19th Aug 2018
Posted: 31st Aug 2018 01:26
Sorry for taking so long to answer...

Try standing in front of the door, and press ENTER.

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