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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Ultra Low Rez Tower Defense Game

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Joined: 30th Nov 2016
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Posted: 5th Feb 2019 20:45 Edited at: 5th Feb 2019 20:46
Not sure if I ever mentioned I ended up at about 132 hours of time on this game. Lol As you all know so well from your own projects all of the rounds of playtesting & balancing eat up a lot of time. With time spent on marketing easily 150 hour project.

I am happy with it though. People notice all of the focus on the gameplay & balancing. I have received feedback specifically on that saying the game seems incredibly well balanced. And people seem to really have a lot of fun playing it.

Anyway just thought I'd give a follow up since releasing it a month ago.

Currently I am focusing hard on marketing building up my Twitter following as well as prototyping my next paid release. I am using Construct 3 for this one just to see how well it works. Depending on how it goes I will either stick with C3 for the game or switch back to AppGameKit.
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Posted: 5th Feb 2019 21:33
Its been a while - welcome back - hope you had a nice break/xmas

Hope to see more of your works

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