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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Free 3D objects, also include a complete level.

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Joined: 30th Jun 2004
Posted: 10th Sep 2018 13:06
Was just checking out all BODs free models, and most of them already work in GameGuru Loader, some needed special attention this has been added to the next update, but you can already use most of them now.

Download from here:

Everything you see in the videos is free to use in your projects:

This oil rig even include the complete level, ready to download/run:

I tried to broadcast the level to my ipad 2 , and it worked just fine running around 20 fps. (this was without any optimizing, using full cascade shadows ... )

Runnin on iPad2:

Big thanks to BOD (Robert Hindle) for these great free models
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best regards Preben Eriksen,


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