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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Help on converting GameGuru characters into FPS Creator

TMoney Moterbike Dude
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Joined: 15th May 2016
Posted: 16th Sep 2018 16:43
So I have imported what was bond1s gore pack from gameguru to FPS Creator. It took me a while to rig the animations up right for the characters, so they all walk and melee, but for the dogman and the giants, I can't get their death animations to line up. When they die, they will just stand where they are, not moving and not lying on the ground. If anyone can help me rig their death animations up, that would be appreciated.
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Posted: 17th Sep 2018 23:20 Edited at: 18th Sep 2018 21:54
TMoney If you can, please attach ONLY the .fpe file your using/having problems with for these characters. I also have GG, so I can easily take a look
and see which animations are for death/die. I did peek quickly at the .fpe file in the Game-Guru folders for these characters.
I noticed there wasn't a "death" animation noted I'll load the "dogman" .x file into Fragmotion and see what it has for animations.

Edit: I loaded the dogman into Fragmotion and saw it does have a death animation with it.
I figure it's only a matter of getting the .fpe's animations correct ?
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Posted: 16th Oct 2018 04:31
I believe the death animation doesnt trigger in GG because we were relying on the ragdoll effect to take care of the rest. I helped convert those characters to GG. I believe all that is needed to bring back the death animation is to simply make the FPE modification as ncmako mentions.
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TMoney Moterbike Dude
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Joined: 15th May 2016
Posted: 19th Oct 2018 00:52
My bad, here are the .fpes for the characters. Some of them I don't think I have messed with, like Elhumongo


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