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3 Dimensional Chat / X files.

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Joined: 18th Sep 2018
Posted: 18th Sep 2018 09:24
Dunno if it's just me being dense, but I can't seem to get any transparent surfaces to appear when I import .x files into DBpro.

I'm using 32-bit TGAs as textures (and untextured transparent surfaces too), and I've tried a few different ways of exporting to x-file format.

Any ideas? Or is alpha-blending in DBP objects just not supported?

James H
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Joined: 21st Apr 2007
Location: St Helens
Posted: 18th Sep 2018 22:14
Can't read your second post due to new account moderation but you should be using the command "set object transparency object, transparency mode flag value" as per help files. You might want to whip up a quick example of a basic object that shows your issues then upload it along with the code you are using, which version of DBP you have and detail which modelling software you are using to help speed things along.
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