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Program Announcements / RayCast Vertex Ambient Occlusion

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Posted: 6th Oct 2018 19:33 Edited at: 6th Oct 2018 20:19
Here is my small piece of code to produce baked vertex ambient occlusion.

Q: How does it works?
A:I'm using raycast functions which are included in DarkPhysics , DarkDynamix and Sparkys's collision dlls.
You can switch between this 3 techniques. ( dark Dynamix is fastest method )

Q: How can I use this?
A:It can add nice ambient lighting for trees, grass and all kind of vegetation.Also It can produce good result when you have enough tesselated mesh.
Lighting is baked to vertex - so you don't need to load any extra textures/data to your scene.

Everything works well but I get that hardware mode is not working for raycasting. DarkDynamix/DarkPhysics works much faster than Sparky's ( and much much faster than original DBPro raycasting system) but it doesn't
have GPU support. So it should work much faster than it is.I suppose.

Few models are included to check results for.



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Chris Tate
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Posted: 18th Oct 2018 00:26
Looks lovely; very smart technique.

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