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AppGameKit Classic Chat / [BUG] AR Augmented Image functions missing

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Posted: 10th Nov 2018 22:41

I've asked the first question twice before but I guess the question went unnoticed.
That's the reason I put the word BUG in the title here - I figured it would trigger attention. Sorry about that chief.

1) The AR Augmented Image functions don't seem to be present in AGK2 Tier 1. Will they ever be added?
2) If I create my app in tier2 would I be able to use augmented images by linking the ARCore library in directly? I tend to doubt it, the ar_session object created by AppGameKit is not exposed AFAIK.
3) Could the ar session object be exposed?

The nice part about augmented images is they can be used to track your location in the real-world, enabling you to map your virtual world to reality more easily.
That would be nice to have if you are developing an application that provides information about the real world inside of a building, where GPS isn't going to work so well.

4) The ARCore functions let you attach an AppGameKit object to an anchor. I'm presuming it is better to create a group of objects, one of which is the parent, and attach only the parent to the anchor.
The rest of the objects should be attached to the parent using FixObjectToObject.
Is that the correct approach?


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