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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Emissive, Normal and Specular for a weapon ?

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Joined: 20th Sep 2018
Posted: 19th Nov 2018 11:33 Edited at: 19th Nov 2018 12:33
Hello everyone, everything is summarized in the title.
I was wondering if some of you know, by chance, a shader that would allow me to get normal mapping, specular highlights and emissive map (self illumination) applied on a weapon, all at the same time ?
Thanks !

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Joined: 20th Sep 2018
Posted: 20th Nov 2018 11:16
Anyone ?
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 20th Nov 2018 23:17 Edited at: 21st Nov 2018 10:23
Notarget Your going to have to do a search and try and find some older shaders. I recall "Creator of Zombies" made a lot
of weapon shaders some time ago. Nomad mod & Black Ice have several to play with. I see one called "weapon_spec_normal_alpha.fx"
in my Nomad mod effect folders. For the "self illumination" part it probably needs the illumination added to the alpha channel in the spec. texture? ( not sure )
I haven't tested anything, I'll play with a few tonight and see.
Hopefully someone else who knows for sure will pop in and answer correctly.
Edit: I tried some of uzi idiots "physical based shaders" and they work really well for a "illuminated" effect on weapons.
You just have to adjust your textures some.
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Joined: 20th Sep 2018
Posted: 21st Nov 2018 10:14
Thanks dude, I'll try this out.

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