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AppGameKit Classic Chat / [SOLVED] GetImage() not working properly on Windows 7

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Posted: 22nd Nov 2018 11:28 Edited at: 22nd Nov 2018 22:11
FIXED IT, Thanks 'TomToad'

In this program I make a square Sprite, I rotate it 45 degrees , and then I try to get the top half of the image in order to make a triangle sprite.
However, the Sprite turns out looking like the original diamond shaped sprite.
I just want to get the top half of the 'diamond' in order to make a 'triangle sprite'. Instead, it gets the entire diamond shape and I end up with a second 'diamond shaped' sprite.

So, maybe what is happening here is..... the 'GetImage() command only gets a 'square' image, and does not get 'rectangle' images.
It gets a 'square' image based on the width of the image, even though a different height is specified.

However, working on this thesis, I still could not get this program to work properly.

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Posted: 22nd Nov 2018 13:22
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The problem is that the parameters of GetImage are x,y,width,height. So with the parameters that you are using, you are grabbing the entire sprite instead of the part you want.


And it will work like you expect.

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