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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Is there a way to remove texture filtering ?

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Joined: 20th Dec 2018
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Posted: 19th Jan 2019 17:50 Edited at: 19th Jan 2019 20:53

My current project has taken a retro-ish direction but in order to continue I need to disable the automatic filtering that is applied on textured surfaces. Is there a way to do this without downsizing the textures and resize them in their original resolution (I think having high resolution textures to display a unfiltered look is a bit overkill) ?

I could use Uzi Idiot's PS1 style shaders, but unfortunately I'm unable to get rid of the texture warping effect.
According to him/her i'm supposed to comment out these lines off of the shaders but it doesn't seem to work.

Thank you !
uzi idiot
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Posted: 20th Jan 2019 03:06

Ah I missed out a bit, here's version without the distortion.

To remove texture filtering from any shader make sure that the texture samplers have their filters set to POINT
If something compiles on the first try. Something is terribly wrong.
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Joined: 20th Dec 2018
Playing: Doom II
Posted: 20th Jan 2019 05:23
Thanks !

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