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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Appgamekit IDE Broadcasting Protokoll without a Device with running Appgamekit IDE.

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Joined: 4th Jul 2017
Posted: 27th Jan 2019 21:14
Hi ,
i try to make my 'own' Broadcasting device to get broadcasting without a Pc. i will read the stream , save it and send it with an App from an phone or a Microcontroller.
so i can make a test without a pc on different devices to see if it it works on all available Devices. iam able to read some bytes from the stream over tcp from the broadcasting IDE but unfortunately not the complete
stream .i think AppGameKit use a Protokoll with some checks for .
Any Hints or Tips are welcome
mfg Panno
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2013
Location: the land of oz
Posted: 28th Jan 2019 02:58
The HostNetwork() command says "Ports 5689-5692 are used to manage apps broadcast from the IDE"
Not sure if that helps much

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