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Windows / Unable to compile AGK Tier 2 Pong Tutorial - linker cannot find AGKWindows64.lib

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Posted: 11th Feb 2019 13:42
Using Visual Studio 2017 under Windows 10, I am unable to compile the Pong tutorial as it doesn't have the project directories set up correctly. I was able to fix the include paths that allowed it to find "\common" and "\bullet", but I am still unable to address "Error LNK1181 cannot open input file 'AGKWindows64.lib'". I've gone and added the "\platform\windows\Lib\VS2017" path to the "VC++ Library" and "Library WinRT" Directories as well as the "Additional Library Directories" under the project's Linker->General settings to no avail. Where else do I have to tell the project to point to these paths?
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