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AppGameKit Classic Chat / 3D modeling pipeline, for use with AGK

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Posted: 15th Mar 2019 13:10 Edited at: 15th Mar 2019 13:14
Recently I was trying to find how to create a 3D model containing children and meshes for use with the AGK

After a lot of experiments and help by the forum members, I concluded to a 3D working pipeline for all those who are using Silo 3D and Akeytsu for use with the AGK

1. Open the Silo 3D application and create your scene with objects and materials
2. Apply a different material to every surface or object, in order to be treated (the surface or the object) as a separate mesh by the AGK. IMPORTANT: do not use the Default material

3. Set the File Format Settings for FBX/DAE as follows:
a. Import Scale Factor = 1
b. Export Scale Factor = 10
4. Save the scene using the .FBX format [File->Save Scene As…] or [File->Export Scene...]
5. Open the Akeytsu application
6. Import the .FBX file into Akeytsu (Import FBX…)
7. Create your skeleton, leaving the imported .FBX objects intact

8. Make the .FBX objects you want to be treated as child objects by the AppGameKit, children of the bones you created in step 7
9. For those .FBX objects you want to be treated as meshes by the AppGameKit, bind them as skins to the skeleton joints
10. Export as .FBX from Akeytsu (Export FBX..)
11. Load the scene with the AppGameKit by using the command LoadObjectWithChildren(filename$)

@blink0k: You are absolutely right: Children are NOT meshes
This leads to the fact that, using the AppGameKit, we cannot assign more than one texture to a child
.FBX files exported from Silo3D cannot load into AGK
.FBX files exported from Akeytsu, must have at least one animation or a material other than the Default matterial of Silo 3D


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Posted: 15th Mar 2019 22:05 Edited at: 16th Mar 2019 02:41
Quote: ".FBX files exported from Akeytsu, must have at least one animation or a material other than the Default material of Silo 3D"

I found that the more child objects you have the more child objects needed to be animated. So if i had 4 child objects then i needed to animate 2 of them.
If i had 6 child objects then i needed to animate 4 of them.

This was my rusty old 3D proggy so it may be just for that but you might want to check it with silo.

By the way, I'm not very happy with you because you're making me want to spend money on Silo and Akeytsu.

I've been working with this format today (child objects) and it's a bit of a mine field.

1. Functions like GetObjectSizeMin/Max/X/Y/Z() return zero for the parent object
2. CloneObject() doesn't appear to clone any of the child objects

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