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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Requesting features for AppGameKit Studio

The Next
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Joined: 3rd Dec 2007
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Posted: 17th Mar 2019 21:08
If you can think of an idea for a feature/s that you think AppGameKit Studio should have implemented that is great, we'd love to hear, but to ensure they get noticed you should do the following.

Discuss features in the forums first and once an idea has been fleshed out post it on the GitHub issues list.

One issue should be made for each feature request, do not group them together. When posting ensure you give as much info on the idea as possible and if linking to a forum post may help post the link in your issue as well.

The GitHub issue tracker can be found here
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Posted: 21st May 2023 20:03
  • please review feature requests already posted to avoid duplicates.
  • users can Close their own issues and Reopen them (preferably including a comment re: the status change).
  • Classic Requests can be posted @ the same Studio Repository.
  • if you support a given feature request, give it a thumbs up!


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