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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / setClipBoardText doesn't work for ÄÖÜ...

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Joined: 22nd Mar 2019
Posted: 22nd Mar 2019 15:13
Hello there,
for my project I'd need to copy some text from an editbox to the clipboard. This works fine (on windows and android) as long as I do not use German Umlauts like äöü...
For example, when I try to do this:
setClipboardText("Thomas Müller")
I get this as result:
Thomas Müller

I also tried to replace the ü with the corresponding asci code:
SetClipboardText("Thomas M"+chr(252)+"ller")
the result is the same:
Thomas Müller

Has anyone a good idea how to fix this problem? Or is it just a bug that eventually can be fixed in a new version?
Thanks a lot in advance
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2013
Location: the land of oz
Posted: 23rd Mar 2019 00:54
I can confirm that i get the same result.
I also keyed your text into notepad++ and copied it, then i used getClipboardText() to retrieve it and that worked.
I then used setClipboardText() to place that text on the clipboard and then used GetClipBoardText() to retrieve it and that worked in AppGameKit but not in Notepad++
I then tried it in VB and that works when pasting it into notepad++
I went back to a version from october last year and the same thing is happening
I thought it might be UTF-16 encoding but 0xC3BC doesn't seem to match UTF-16 0x00FC

So i think it is generating and reading those characters using some sort of translation otherwise GetClipBoardText() wouldn't read back the text properly after SetClipBoardText()

I had a look at the github for AppGameKit Tier2 API (Which I imagine should be the same as Tier1). It doesn't look like it is doing anything unusual, however i only looked at SetClipboardText()

I am at a bit of a loss. Sorry i couldn't be more help

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