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2D All the way! / Drawing layers

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Joined: 7th Aug 2008
Posted: 10th Jun 2019 12:32
How do I draw lines behind sprites. If I draw the lines first then the sprites , the lines are drawn over the sprites not under the sprites.


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Joined: 7th Apr 2007
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Posted: 13th Jun 2019 13:25
You didn't say which software you are using. If it is AppGameKit, I can't help you. If it is DBP, then all you need to do is code the line DRAW SPRITES LAST early in your program.

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Posted: 14th Jun 2019 18:23 Edited at: 14th Jun 2019 18:27
assuming AppGameKit, using Render() after you draw the lines in your loop should do what you need; i see no noticeable performance hit with this method.

if your order of creation (lines vs sprites) might be "mixed", meaning you might draw a line, create a sprite, draw a line, etc., then consider "drawing" to a sprite. (i'm not sure that this is necessary but expect it might be for "mixed" usage as i've described).

IE, look at SetRenderToImage() and use that image to draw lines to. have a "back layer" sprite (with a depth > than all your normal sprites) using that renderimage. when you're done drawing lines, go back to SetRenderToScreen().
this method will cause a performance hit (that may be acceptable to you).

hope that helps

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