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Music & Sound FX / Show us your creations [showcase]

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Posted: 4th Jul 2019 16:59 Edited at: 26th Nov 2019 07:38
Hello all,

I noticed there's no thread for people to post their creations so I desided to create one now. At least I find it nicer to check stuff out from one single thread, rather than going through a thousand ones separately. Or how do you think?

Here's my latest creation. It's an epic song from the soundtrack of the game Eidolons: Netherflame (which is under development at the moment). I think it came out pretty nicely and graphical content from the game gives it pretty good feeling.

We Will Not Fall Today

Edit. Wait, does this forum not support direct videos? Would be pretty much easier to check 'em.
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Posted: 26th Nov 2019 07:38
Quote: "Edit. Wait, does this forum not support direct videos? "

yes it does see above I edited yours
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