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FPSC Classic Product Chat / A few Questions.

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Joined: 25th Aug 2019
Posted: 25th Aug 2019 18:36
Hello. I'm new here. I recently discovered that the Fpsc is free and open source. I downloaded the software, as well as the update and this black ice mod. After looking at the whole thing, I have to say that it's probably an excellent software to work through a concept. Now I have a few questions about the engine.
1. is there a maximum number of polygons a model can have?
2. what about terrains? If someone generates a terrain with Blender, can I import it into fpsc without any problems?
3. How about Collision Detection? Problems at e. g. a hut as a whole model, which naturally has a cavity inside ?

Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 29th Mar 2017
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Posted: 25th Aug 2019 20:27
2, you can export terrain to an .x file and make it an entity ready for use in fpsc
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 25th Aug 2019 22:25
Brokkr Hi and welcome
Q's 1: The limit for a direct x model is less than 10000 polys. More than that and your level will probably crash, maybe not
A good number is around 3000-5000, I tend to stay under that so characters perform well.

Q's 2: ScooT9 has answer that one. I have used a terrain generator called Earth Sculptor with great results.
Has an unregistered version but comes with limited texture size of 512x512. A registered version costs $50 now but well worth
it if you intend to use a lot with the texture size 4096x4096

Q's 3: If your good at 3d modeling then Yes, one can make a hut/structure that the player can enter. Static of course except for any doors...etc
I have found the easiest way is to build it in sections from the ground up with the roof section last. That way if you want to add entities inside
such as tables,chairs,furniture..etc makes it much easy to place correctly.
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Joined: 25th Aug 2019
Posted: 26th Aug 2019 16:41

Thank you for the conclusive answer.

I've been looking at some model packs.
Since I want to have my own stuff I am looking for people who can create models for me. Of course, payment would also be included. And of course I would use the models in other engines as well. Qualitatively they should touch here:

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