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2D All the way! / What software do you use for digital art?

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Joined: 31st Oct 2019
Posted: 31st Oct 2019 10:28
I'm looking to get into Digital Art but i'm unsure what would be right to invest in, i'm mainly looking at a program called 'Studio Manga' or 'Clip Studio Paint' but i'v seen some great creations that don't look like they where made with that kind of set up.

I'm curious what's recommended for a beginner, also what tablet would you suggest, i don't want to spend to much for something i just want to try as i'v only drawn by hand so far, so i'v been looking at the XP-Pen brands lower end like the Star G430 .
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 31st Oct 2019 18:38
I'd recommend Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (£8/year) as it's much more of a "Natural" Drawing Product...
As for the smaller tablet … I wouldn't.

Instead I'd recommend something like the XP Pen Deco01, Huion HS610, Wacom One or VEIKK A15
Ideally for 1st Time users of Tablets it's good to go with a Larger Surface Area... and the ones above have reasonably low latency and high pressure sensitivity.
The Wacom is frankly the "Best" in terms of quality; but this said, it's the most basic version that doesn't have shortcut keys; so you will be relying on your Keyboard a lot for those.

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