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Raspberry Pi / Getting AGK Tier 1 working on Raspberry Pi 4

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Posted: 31st Oct 2019 21:07 Edited at: 31st Oct 2019 21:22
Most of the examples work, but I haven't tested them all yet.

I'm using Raspbian Buster, AGK-Classic

I managed to get it working by downloading AGKTier2-master from TGC's github respository.

1) Download AGKTier2-master

2) Build interpreter-linux, found in AGKTier2-master/apps

3) Rename LinuxPlayer32 to PiPlayer

4) Replace PiPlayer with the original PiPlayer in Tier1/Compiler/interpreters

You'll be able to run and build the examples using the editor.

Only one issue is with 3D examples, I don't know why the colour is green for the whole 3D scene,
possibly something to do with shaders but I don't have any experience with that, will keep digging to find out

If anyone can solve this issue please let me know

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