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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Tutorial: How to import map into 3rd party 3d software

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Joined: 6th Dec 2019
Posted: 21st Dec 2019 18:30 Edited at: 22nd Dec 2019 02:23
For this tutorial we will be using FPSC and Fragmotion.
Whenever most people try to load a map.dbo into fragmotion the program will crash, this tutorial will solve this issue.
First I will give you an essay on the step by step and I have also included a video as a tool to assist you.

Requirements: No dynamic entities or lights are allowed. It is best if the map is empty. You can place your props later, inside of your 3d composition.
The folder hierarchy will be very important so please follow these steps

1. Create your map
2. Save, and build game using only the empty map
3. Clone texturebank, place copy inside of a folder on the desktop, name it MapsToPort
4. Create a map folder inside of the texturebank folder clone.
5. Place universe.dbo inside of the map folder you just created.
You can find this universe.dbo inside of a compressed zip folder in: FPSC\My Games\NameOfGame\Files\levelbank
6.Open fragmotion. Go to Edit, and select Edit Preferences. In the window that appears click the dropdown menu. Then select "Texture Directories"
7. Inside of this menu, we need to right click on the folder icon next to Texture Directories, and select New / File Search Location.
8. Add the desktop folder MapsToPort as a new file search location
9. Now we are ready to import universe.dbo. Go to File/Import and open your copied file: universe.dbo and it will load fully textured without crashing.
10. The rest is up to you. But from here I would export as .obj, then open the map in motionbuilder, but getting your textures to load automatically in MB is a whole-nother problem that I'm still working on, but you can now at least try, and you can always remap the textures in there, or whatever software you decide to use.
Have a nice day


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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 21st Dec 2019 21:29
This is good stuff SolaraV, its very helpful to know these things. Thank you for figuring this out
My games never have bugs.... they just Explosys's

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Joined: 6th Dec 2019
Posted: 21st Dec 2019 21:52 Edited at: 21st Dec 2019 21:54
It just hit me the other day, I was getting really aggravated trying to open a map and suddenly i thought, "I wonder if it will work with a blank map?" and BINGO!!!
So then I was like well, it loaded, what's with all this invalid texture garbage? and I started digging into documentation and found that it doesn't find your textures unless they are in a folder above the folder containing the model.
Really strange the way it's set up, but it works...
Hopefully this will make everyone's life easier...
Now we just need .bsp & .map plugins for fragmotion, would be really awesome. but until that happens, we can at least make cutscenes using the actual map, also this would come in handy for altering static enviroments, like cave editing and such
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Posted: 21st Dec 2019 22:47
This will be very useful for some people I'm sure. Thanks

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