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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / (TIP) Making music for your games!

Starshyne Emir
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Posted: 12th Feb 2020 13:49 Edited at: 12th Feb 2020 14:03
Want to make your own original songs for your brand new game?
Don't you have any knowledge of music theory?
Don't you know the difference between a C# and a B?
Can't you master any of the mainstream programs like Fruity Loops?
Your problems are over!

This is Beepbox, a fully functional music making application that runs straight from your browser! It allows you to produce both .wav and .mid files and has a TON of resources thanks to MIT's sound synthesis API. You can also download Beepbox and use it offline- it is incredibly small!

Key Features:
> Difficulty levels defined by scales. In easy mode, for example, you'll have only the pentatonic scale and it is impossible to make something real bad in it!
> Tons of effects! Tremolo, decay, reverb, chorus...
> Integrated help in every option.
> Can save and load projects in .json extension or even .mid!
> Dozens of instrument presets to play with, fully customizable!
> Don't need a powerful computer to work flawlessly.
> Free to use and 100% royalty free! Anything you create with it is yours, no matter which use you'll give to it, even commercial!
> You can copy the URL of Beepbox while in use and paste it anywhere, so anyone will be able to open, listen to and/or edit your project! Nice for collaborative music making!
> The MIT synth API is also available, so if you have the skill and knowledge, you can even use it inside your programs, maybe to create and play procedural music.

I'd love to see in this thread the results of your musical incursions into BeepBox. Feel free to share anything in below.
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