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Windows / Multiple IP addr

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Joined: 13th Nov 2016
Posted: 25th Feb 2020 10:45
Hi everyone,
there are multiple network cards on my computer, including some virtual ones: when I request the IP address, the first one is always returned to me, which is not that of the physical card connected to the network. How is it possible to have the complete list of network cards, their addresses and determine the one connected to the internet?
I have made some attempts between mobile device and pc and even attempting an intranet multiplayer creation : HostNetwork (szNetworkName, szMyName, port) is not found.
Some idea?
Thank you
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Posted: 8th Mar 2020 02:51 Edited at: 8th Mar 2020 02:54
Is this going to be just for windows or other platforms?
If just for windows, you could execute an external windows command or something to interrogate your IP stack and extract the internet connected NIC

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