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Geek Culture / [SOLVED] Optical vs Laser GAMING mouse

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Joined: 20th Mar 2020
Posted: 21st Mar 2020 05:45 Edited at: 22nd Mar 2020 07:47
Hi, been checking/reading/comparing a lot about optical mouse vs laser mouse for gaming. According to my conclusion the optical is the best, maybe am wronged! Any advice?

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Posted: 21st Mar 2020 08:42
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Mice fall into 3 Categories:

Trackball, Optical and Gyroscopic.
Optical tend to be the most common today, and are the best for Gaming Purposes as their Tracking Accuracy is generally speaking substantially higher than of the other two approaches.
That said... it gets a little more complicated beyond that because there are Multiple Types of Optical Mouse.

Red LED, Blue LED, IR LASER (RED), GLASS (Variable Wavelength LASER), Dual Point / Angular LASER (Red / Green) and BlueTrack™ (Microsoft's Blue-Light Hybrid Solution)

Generally speaking depending on the Surface and Accuracy you're looking for, will depend on which you'll want to look into getting.
GLASS for example is specifically Developed to support being used on Reflective Surfaces (such-as Mirrors) ... but they're not so good with Rough Surfaces.
Dual Point offer greater accuracy over standard IR LASER (which tend to have the Highest Accuracy) BUT they're also even more prone to debris (like Pet Hair).

Personally I tend to recommend Microsoft' BlueTrack., as while I'm not sure exactly what approach they're using ... they tend to work on damn near any surface, with accuracy very close to IR LASER.
Only real problem with them, is Microsoft has been getting a bit ridiculous with what they charge for them today.

Used to be you could get one for like £25 but nowadays you'll be looking at £75 - 100 for their Mice.
I mean they're worth it, but still ... the substantial increase in their Hardware Prices over the past 5 years has been ridiculous.

Going further than that., I'd actually recommend their Surface Arc for Development (as they're insanely comfortable for Long Sessions) and their Precision for Gaming.
With this said... if it is for Gaming make sure you get a Wired as opposed to Wireless Mouse.
Response Times for Button Input is substantially better and somewhat necessary for Gaming... as Wireless Mice (unlike Controllers) remain somewhat lagging behind in terms of Input Latency.
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Joined: 20th Mar 2020
Posted: 22nd Mar 2020 05:43
Thank you for providing the detailed answer. This comprehensively cleared many things technically

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