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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Error: Max number of IAP reached... but I've only called the command once!

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Joined: 6th Jan 2018
Posted: 26th Mar 2020 02:56 Edited at: 26th Mar 2020 14:15

I'm trying to get the hang of in-app purchases. This is my first time using them. I get an error on calling "inAppPurchaseAddProductID" once saying "Error: Max number of in-app purchase products reached".

Here is the code I have for trying to call one IAP called "test" from google console. I don't know if the issue is actually with my code at all though. It might be something I've done (or need to do) on google console.
Basically all my IAPs are just going to be to purchase new levels that I'll release via my website so I'm guessing they'll be non-consumable (because you only buy each level once).

On google console, my app is set to "draft", I've set my IAP "test" to active, it's a managed product (not sure what that means). Do I need to publish the app to be able to access IAPs from AppGameKit? Not sure how/if my app is connecting to google console at all. Thanks.

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Posted: 26th Mar 2020 21:03
The only issue I can see is the unnecessary InnAppPurchaseRestore() command. This is for iOS only, and should be called by the user pressing a button, not directly from the code.

A "Managed Product" would be something like a new level, or advert removal. The kind of thing you only need to purchase the once.

Sorry I can't help more.

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