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Geek Culture / LGPL v3 Question...

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Posted: 1st Apr 2020 16:24 Edited at: 1st Apr 2020 16:50
Hello, this question does not concern TGC products but something else.

There is a really old Basic Language on Amiga computers called AMOS.
The source code was firstly released under MIT licence (without any more details)

Using MIT licence capability, I released updated of his languages in binary form only because I didn't finished updates and I didn't want the original author to resell at golden price my work.
then, at the end of 2019, due to a conflict with the author/owner of the Basic Language (he disliked my way of acting) he decided to change the licences terms to LGPL.

Now, I'd like to know 2 things.

1. Is it possible/legal to change licence terms from MIT to LGPL3 ?
2. As it's the source code of the Basic Language that is under LGPL licence, if I compile it and use it at my Home (and not distribute any version of binary of his language) , can I release binary version of games I create with the updated version of his basic language ?

EDIT : I've found the french translation of LGPL v3 licence ... And it's apparently not possible. Thanks.


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