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Geek Culture / Classic or Studio? Help me!

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Joined: 6th May 2020
Posted: 6th May 2020 10:45
Hello! There are several ideas to write games. Please help me decide on the purchase of AppGameKit Classic or AppGameKit Studio ...
Questions are:
1. What is the fundamental difference between Classic and Studio?
2. What do you recommend from your experience in terms of reliability, performance, etc.?
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 6th May 2020 19:15
Studio realistically doesn't offer much in terms of Improvements or Enhancements over AGKv2
The Debugging Tools are better,. there is the Scene Editor and Support for Vulkan 1.0 but most of these features aren't yet "Fully Implemented" and don't really offer much over v2
Esp. as TGC seem to want to keep 100% Backwards (Fallback) Compatibility rather than raising the Minimum Specifications.

Studio on the whole feels like an Update, but a little less feature rich than going from AGKv1 to v2 and very firmly a Work-in-Progress / Early Access Build.
Like it's usable, just not "Ready for Prime Time"

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