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Geek Culture / Request for download counter

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Joined: 21st Feb 2020
Location: Australia
Posted: 3rd Jun 2020 02:39
I thought it would be handy if we could see a number of downloads counter next to our uploaded zips etc, so we could see the amount of interest in what we do.
Since some people like to leave comments and some not so much, I think the counter would be more accurate.

Anyone agree ?
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Joined: 2nd Aug 2013
Location: France
Posted: 5th Jun 2020 13:46
I agree that'd be pretty cool.
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Joined: 30th Nov 2019
Location: Somewhere in outer space.
Posted: 28th Jun 2020 12:52
+1 that'd be really handy
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2016
Location: Laniakea Supercluster
Posted: 3rd Jul 2020 17:39
+1 would love that

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