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Android / Expansion files not detected?

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Joined: 2nd Apr 2017
Posted: 7th Jun 2020 17:26
Hello everybody. I need help regarding expansion files. At my wit's end here, because the game just can't detect the existence of the expansion file.

I have made a game .apk for Android phone, and need to use expansion files for the assets (200mb).

My main .apk package name is:
I exported it, and installed it directly to my phone (not uploaded to Google Play yet).

My expansion file name is:
I put all the assets folders and files in a folder named "TEMP", zip it uncompressed with 7z in .zip format, and renamed the resulting to:
Then, I put the .obb file inside Android/obb/com.bitbit.santai/ , which is a directory in my phone internal storage.

In the main game .apk, I tried to test whether expansion file successfully loaded with:

But the GetExpansionFileState() only returns 1, which means the game can't detect the expansion file.

Why does this happen?
It does'nt matter if I specify the app version or not while exporting, the game still fail to detect expansion file.

What did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 25th Jul 2020 03:19 Edited at: 25th Jul 2020 03:25
1) You never set the value of expansiontest in your while loop
2) I think expansion files are mean to work directly with Google play
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Joined: 2nd Apr 2017
Posted: 28th Jul 2020 04:34 Edited at: 28th Jul 2020 04:41
I made that code just to see the status of expansion file state, which will be returned by GetExpansionFileState() in the while-loop. I didn't mean for it to progress/do something else.
expansiontest variable is just there to preserve the loop

Expansion files are supposed to be able to be tested directly by placing them in that obb folder, just like in the documentation.

Probably I should make the expansion files directory structure to be more simple, without the subfolders. Will try again later

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