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Geek Culture / Anyone shed any light on a Blitz Basic program issue ??? (wash my mouth out!) - I don't think Blitz is the issue here actually

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Joined: 9th Nov 2018
Posted: 19th Jun 2020 14:55
Many years ago I wrote a little program in Blitz Basic.
It took a Windows Media Player playlist, and parsed the file to create a folder with a copy of all the mp3 files, with number prefixes in the file names so they would play in the correct order when burnt as data to a CD for playing in the car. Old car, don't ask.
All you do is right click the playlist filename and Send To 'my playlist converter program.exe'
This has worked for years without issue. I create a number of CDs every year.
This week I created a new playlist and the program crashed with a "memory access violation".

After tearing my hair out testing I finally found the cause, but I don't know why.
Every play list up to ones created this week are sent to my program as a command line parameter which includes quotes eg. "myplaylist2020.wpl" .... any playlist I create now gets sent to the program as a command line parameter without the quotation marks.

Now I can rewrite the program to check for the presence of them and handle it, but why the heck is it happening??
I don't understand at what point the quotation marks are being included or not, and why it is happening when it's only the date of creation that is different.
Blitz is old and not changed, which only leaves Windows 10 perhaps having changed somehow ??? but then why do old files still work.

Anyone care to hazard a guess?
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