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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Steam sale Before I buy I have acouple of questions...

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Joined: 1st Jul 2020
Posted: 1st Jul 2020 10:47
Hi everyone! As the title says I am considering buying the software and all the packs in the steam sale but want to know if the software can do the following:

1: I want to design a scene in 3d it could be a field, a room or a castle corridor, Ideally, i want to be able to walk around the room in a first-person mode, but then if i pressed the number 2 on the keyboard it would rotate to a 2d view of the scene so i can now view the room from above. Then if i pressed key number 1 it would then change to an isometric view in all these views i would still be able to move the view around so I could zoom in to something from a different angle or even just leave the camera sat there.
- maybe this could be achieved in a similar fashion to third-person camera view with the mouse moving your view and wasd control movement but you could go anywhere in the map even the sky (as if you were flying) it would hold that position until you moved the mouse or keys to change position - Real life example tabletop simulator!

2: Can this software play video? - if I had a looping video apx 2 minutes long can i play the video on loop

3: I assume I could just have an image as a background with some buttons on it.
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Posted: 1st Jul 2020 13:44
yes, it can do all of that.

see the categorized help files.

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