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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] Quick way of monitoring performance of a loop/function?

Richard Stevens
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Joined: 14th Jan 2020
Posted: 7th Aug 2020 14:03 Edited at: 7th Aug 2020 14:07
Back in the olden days of blitz basic on the Amiga, a common trick to see how your code was performing was to poke the border color at the start of a chosen loop, then poke it back again at the end of it. (or something along those lines.. it was a very long time ago!)

This would give you a very quick & dirty visual guide as to how much of a frame each of your functions was taking up, depending on how much of the border was colored, and hence what was worth optimising and what wasn't (I'm finding I can be incredibly lazy with an I5 compared to a motorola 68020!)

Is there a similar trick for AppGameKit that anyone knows of?

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2016
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Posted: 7th Aug 2020 20:11 Edited at: 7th Aug 2020 20:14
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If i want to know how fast my code is, I run in with unlimited fps using SetSyncRate ( 0,1 ) and see how many frames I get.
If you want test test a specific complex function that you can't run or isolate without running the full code, you can always measure who long it takes the function to run by taking the time at the start and the end of the function.

There are also a lot of specific benchmark functions:

Coders don't die, they just gosub without return
Richard Stevens
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Joined: 14th Jan 2020
Posted: 16th Aug 2020 17:52
Thanks PSY, I'll write a little function to display the time used as on a chosen loop as a graphic.

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