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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Third person strafe movement with Dark Physics Character Controller?

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Posted: 16th Sep 2020 04:27 Edited at: 16th Sep 2020 04:28
I originally posted this in the Dark Physics/Dark AI board, but then I saw that there hadnt been ANY activity in that entire board in over three full years, so I figured it would be better to post it here where there's at least some activity every couple weeks or so. If this isnt allowed or is considered posting the same topic too much or anything, please let me know.

Title basically says it. I decided to bite the bullet and dive into learning Dark Physics, and Ive got gravity working and Ive got the character controller controlling my player avatar, but just one problem; There doesnt seem to be a way to strafe left and right. At least not one that works with a third-person camera.

Ive found ways that work with a first-person camera, such as rotating the player object left or right while keeping the camera pointed straight, and doing PHY MOVE CHARACTER CONTROLLER (objectnumber),(speed) so that the camera strafes left or right, but the actual player object has turned and walked forward, rather than strafing

But that only works for first person since you cant SEE the player character turning left or right. Im trying to do something with a third-person camera, so I need to be able to move the player left and right while the player object remains pointed forward.

Any ideas?
Derek Darkly
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Posted: 18th Sep 2020 14:11

Are there animation frames for your character to strafe?
If so, just using that animation combined with MOVE OBJECT LEFT and MOVE OBJECT RIGHT might work.
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