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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Some questions about AGK Studio

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Joined: 23rd Dec 2020
Location: Madrid, Spain
Posted: 23rd Dec 2020 20:20 Edited at: 23rd Dec 2020 23:17
Hello, I'm hardyx and I discover AppGameKit Studio in Steam, I like the language and the IDE.
I'm going to purchase, but I was testing changing same code I have some begginer questions.

- Local variables: using #option_explicit you must to declare all variables. You can declare local variables as: "x as integer, name as string". Good.
But I can declare as "local x, name$" too in the main program (no function). In the functions if you declare using "local" gives an error.
I don't know if "local" is deprecated (not appears in help) or is an optional like "LET" in classic BASIC.

- Mobile apps: You can test AppGameKit apps using the AppGameKit player, but ¿how works the exporting to Android?
¿You must to have Android SDK or Java for exporting, or the IDE creates the apk with the required data?
¿Are the assets (media) inside the apk or in a separete folder?

Greetings to all the community.
Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 23rd Dec 2020 20:34
AGK creates a single-file .apk with everything your program needs, including all your assets.

You can test it locally in an emulator, thru the AppGameKit player, or just run from the IDE. NOTE: Android-specific aspects obviously may not run on the PC.
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 23rd Dec 2020 22:54 Edited at: 23rd Dec 2020 22:55
Quote: "I can declare as "local x, name$" too in the main program (no function)."

Local is definitely not deprecated. try it a bit more formally:
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2020
Location: Madrid, Spain
Posted: 23rd Dec 2020 23:29 Edited at: 24th Dec 2020 17:15
Thanks guys, I purchased AppGameKit Studio today.
I want to introuduce me, I'm a professional programmer and I use Java, C++ and Objective C in desktop and mobile apps. Making videogames is my hobby and I used many languages for this, but AppGameKit is very complete and easy.
I've tested yet some AppGameKit apps in mobile, and it's very easy compared with other methods.
I'm going to read this forum to learn all the possibilities of the language.
AGK Tool Maker
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Joined: 13th May 2007
Location: Thessaloniki, Hellas
Posted: 26th Dec 2020 07:48 Edited at: 26th Dec 2020 15:01
Welcome Hardyx,
Although I am not professional programmer, I have good nowledge of C++. Can you suggest an environment for mobile apps development using C++?
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2020
Location: Madrid, Spain
Posted: 31st Dec 2020 01:50
The most used mobile development environments using C++ are Eclipse or Android Studio (for Android) with NDK or XCode (for iOS) that supports c++ too. You can use other tools like Eclipse C++ or CodeBlocks for multiplatform programming, but the problem is that Apple is a bit closed exposing their libraries API to other tools. You could use any IDE for programming in C++, if you call the iOS compiler Clang/LLVM in command line and not use XCode, and the same for Android (uses Clang/LLVM too).
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Joined: 5th Oct 2020
Posted: 6th Jan 2021 06:16
You can test on Adroind:

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